NCS at a Glance

NOVEL Chemical Solutions is an R&D/Production company founded in Crete, Nebraska, a small college town 20 minutes from Lincoln, the state's capital. Located in Crete's thriving industrial district, NCS is less than one mile from Doane College, a liberal arts institution founded in 1872. 

At a time in the United States when interest in math and science is decreasing, the close proximity to Doane College and Crete High School affords the opportunity to stimulate interest in chemistry and biology via synthesis and the collaborative research venture described in the NCS Life Science section. Giving students an opportunity to learn in an industrial setting is the best hands-on training, especially in light of recent trends discussed on the ACS (American Chemical Society) website in the article by Cynthia Washam, "Where's the Lab?: American Students Miss Out on Hands-On Science".

Crete also provides benefits in terms of the strong Midwestern work ethic and lower operational costs relative to more traditional chemistry and bio-tech strong-holds. NCS is only one of many chemistry-related businesses which have chosen to build and/or expand their business in Southeast Nebraska.  Others include Pfizer, Novartis, Schering-Plough, LI-COR, Teledyne ISCO, 3-M Corporation, Becton Dickenson, and MDS Pharma Services.

Additionally, Southeast Nebraska offers an excellent network of research resources under which NCS will continue to grow and better serve the pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical industries. These resources include Doane College, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Creighton University Medical Center, University of Nebraska Medical Center-Omaha, and the University of Nebraska Technology Park.