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At NCS our specialty is Inert Atmosphere Organic and Organometallic Syntheses. Have you ever had a coupling reaction not go as planned? Cross couplings are usually written: A-M + B-------->  AB + MX.  That looks good on the white board. But how often does your reaction yield: AH + AB + BH + AA + A? + B? + BB?  Don't feel bad!  We've had that result 100's of times.  Fortunately for our customers, those challenges laid the ground work for an intricate understanding of organometallics and catalytic systems. Our product line stems from nearly 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We offer a wide array of Aromatic Halides as well as other Alkyl Halides. For very specific reasons, we like the Aromatic Halides, one of which is demonstrated in the scheme shown below- because the Aromatic Halides are valuable to many important cross coupling reactions in the formation of C-C, C-N, C-O, and C-S bonds.


                         Bromide Couplings.GIF

The NCS 2009 Database includes many unique Grignard reagents to assist you in diversifying your library. We are currently expanding to offer various silanes, siloxanes, boronic acids, and tetrafluoroborate salts as well. Due to the versatility of the organometallic cross coupling reactions, soon we will offer the NCS Custom Database, a database consisting of 100,000's of Reactive Intermediates. Keeping in mind two goals, this database was conceptualized on the basis of 4 key factors, one of which began with Lipinski's Rule of Five. We then took "2-steps back," so to speak, arriving at the "Rule of Three" as it's described in the literature. Our first goal is to generate many diverse Reactive Intermediates which possess a) M.W. < 300; b) log P < 3; c) H-bond Donors ≤ 3; and d) H-bond Acceptors ≤ 3. These factors enable our customers to incorporate NCS Reactive Intermediates into their research, and still have leeway for added optimization in their model. And our second goal is to offer thousands of intermediates which possess more than one reactive site, allowing our customers multiple modes of attachment of the NCS building blocks into their research. The NCS Custom Database will be available in the Spring of 2009.

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