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(US Patent No. 61

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DETECHIP is an assay that difinitively identifies compounds or small molecules, such as drugs, without the occurence of false positives or negatives.

CS owns the exclusive rights to this new technological advancement that claims three strategies relating to the recognition and identification of abused narcotics:


1.      Colored molecular sensors that are in quick-check field tests for law enforcment, forensic or clinical experts, or for personal use.

2.      Development of a solid matrix such as but not limited to sol-gel, silicate based polymers, plastic, kaolin, diatomaceous earth, talcum, or paper, that will carry the newly developed molecular sensors, making the field tests user-friendly. 

3.      Development of an assay referred to as “DETECHIP” that allows for the difinitive identification of unknown substances utilizing a binary code.

DETECHIP is the creation of novel, highly selective and sensitive molecular sensors that change color in the presence of illegal narcotics. This technology affords color and fluorescent sensors for commonly abused narcotics such as cocaine, D9-Tetrahydrocannabinoldate (THC) from marijuana, date-rape and club drugs such as flunitrazepam or gamma-hyroxybutyric acid (GHB), and methamphetamine, to name a few.

With dozens of "First-check" or "Quick-check" narcotic test kits commercially available, DETECHIP provides distinct advantages:

1.      Many tests indicate only that a narcotic is present, but DETECHIP definitively identifies the drug or molecule.

2.      Many tests detect functional groups, such as tertiary amines, which can lead to false positives by non-narcotics, e.g. caffeine or nicotine, but with DETECHIP false positives or negatives can be engineered out.

3.      Because many tests are based on immunoassays (similar to a home-pregnancy test), they have limited shelf life, and are sensitive to heat and moisture. DETECHIP on the other hand possesses excellent stability and shelf life.

4.      Most test kits are limited in their versatility, but DETECHIP is customizable- so whether you require a test for a single narcotic, or wish to test for a dozen, the DETECHIP arrays can be “Made to Order,” to suit your application.


NOVEL Chemical Solutions can custom design DETECHIP sensing arrays for a wide variety of needs.

DETECHIP can detect many drugs including:


Amphetamine Cocaine Flunitrazepam GHB Ketamine Methamphetamine

Tetrahydrocinnabinol Deoxyphedrine Hydrocodone Fentanyl

Methylphenidate Hydromorphone LAAM Caffeine


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